Summit night on Kilimanjaro

Summit night on Kilimanjaro - Today is where your reasons for climbing and desire to reach the summit will come to test. After leaving Karranga camp, the ascent to Barafu Hut is underway.  It`s time to start preparing for the mission ahead.


Our base camp team will greet you and serve a hot lunch upon your arrival. Afterwards our guides will  give you a briefing about summit night on Kilimanjaro. You will also have time to relax and enjoy the spirit in the camp and perhaps some reflection on what you have accomplished so far!

Keys to a successful summit night on Kilimanjaro

It is also a good time to cross-check and prepare your equipment and clothing. Dinner will be served very early to give you ample time to rest and sleep. Good food, lots of water and sleep are the keys to a successful summit. We advise you to be to bed before 7pm to be rested for your wake up hot drink at around 11:30pm.

The wake-up tea will be served at 11:30pm with the departure at midnight. After a hot drink and some biscuits we will start the challenge for the summit. The initial 6 hour climb begins in the dark with only your headlamps and guides to show you the way through the thick scree and winding pathways of Ratzel and Rebmann Glaciers until reaching Stella Point.

Many say this is the most challenging part of the entire climb but you will be rewarded with what is perhaps the most emotional and beautiful sunrise you have seen or ever will see in your life. After taking some pictures at the sign, and a short rest you will join the last part of the Marangu Route to continue 1 - 2 more hours to reach your ultimate goal - the summit – the highestpeak of Africa – Uhuru Peak at 5.985 m.


You are now standing on the “Roof of Africa”

Our guides will take pictures of you at the world famous Uhuru sign and post it on Facebook for your family and friends at home. After a few minutes spent at the summit, due to the altitude and cold, it is important to start our descent.

 What goes up must come down!

After leaving the summit, the descent begins through sliding scree and winding pathways for about 3 hours back to Barafu Camp. On reaching Barafu camp, the rest of our team will congratulate you and welcome you with a hot lunch. You will have the chance for a longer break before we start the next descent to Mweka Camp.

Trekking poles are very useful in this part of the descent. In the camp you will have a last fantastic view on the summit – finding it hard to believe that only a few hours ago you were stood at the top. And after this long day, you can enjoy your dinner and your last day on the mountain.