What is a typical day on the mountain like?

On a typical day on the mountain, you will be woken by your guide at around 6:30 with a hot drink of your choice and given a bowl of hot water to wash your hands and face to freshen up for breakfast. Breakfast is generally served at 7:00 in the mess tent where you will be briefed on the days trekking ahead.


In general your day starts with a hot drink (coffee. tea or hot chocolate) that is brought to your tent at around 06:30am. After your wake up drink you will get a bowl of hot water to freshen up and prepare for the climb ahead i.e. packing you day pack- your sleeping bag and matress and the rest of your kit in to your duffel bag so the porters can already start to run ahead


Breakfast is served between 07:00 and 07:30am


After breakfast the guides will give you the daily briefing and advise you on what to pack in you daypack.


Depending on the route and day you will have a short break before you reach the camp for lunch or a longer lunch break.


After your arrival at the camp you will get hot water in a washing bowl and some snacks before lunch dinner is served in the mess-tent. This is a good time to have a chat with the rest of the team and reflect on your days experiences.


Dinner will be served. After dinner the guides will meet you for the de-brief of the day- check your oxygen levels and give you an overview about the next day. Don't forget to take your headlamp with you before you go for dinner!