On Kilimanjaro tipping is considered a standard practice and is supported by all reputable tour operators. Many climbers are aware of this but are not sure of how much, when and who to tip. For this reason we have created some guidelines to help simplify the process.

Tipping on Kilimanjaro is discretionary and based around the service you have received. Your tip is really important as these guys work seriously hard and each tip you give goes a long way in supporting them and their families. Some of our climbers have also left equipment they felt they did not need anymore like sleeping bags, fleeces, rain clothes etc. which is also very much appreciated.


The Tipping Procedure

Regarding the tipping - in general most reputable companies suggest the following per day:

·        Porters - $ 8 per day/porter

·        Cook - $ $12 per day/ cook

·        Chief guide & Assistant guides - $20 per day/ guide


To avoid confusion and safe guard the well-being of our mountain crew, we recommend the following:

For groups of more than two, they work out between $250 - $300 per person. For one or two people the recommended tips are $300 per person as the tips for the guide, assistant guide and the cook remain the same regardless of group size.


When and who do you give your tip?

On the evening of the last day on the mountain, your lead guide will present the group with an envelope in which you can place your decided amount of tips. Once you have decided on how much you would like to give, It is a common procedure for the group to put together their tips to form a “pot” which will be presented to the crew.

On the morning of your last breakfast on the mountain the lead guide will gather all the crew together and will perform a fair well song for you. This is a prime moment for group members to come together and have the spokesperson say a few words of appreciation followed by handing the tip envelope to your lead guide who will translate your speech into ki-swahili for the rest of the crew. The lead guide will distribute the tips accordingly once the ceremony is over.

Our Staff to Client Ratio

Safety in numbers

Our Client to Mountain Crew Ratio

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