What do you eat and drink on the mountain?

Good food and plenty of drinking water are essential ingredients, both physically and psychologically, to make your climb rewarding. At high altitudes, drinking a lot of water is essential for your health and helps preventing altitude sicknesses. It goes without saying that your body will also need plenty of food to compensate for the unusual physical effort in climbing.


Our cooks have been professionally trained and are able to conjure up tasty and nutritious food. Both meat and nuts form a substantial part of the food on Kilimanjaro. However, we can cater for any dietary restrictions so that vegans, vegetarians, gluten and lactose intolerants and those with restrictions due to their religious beliefs are all accommodated. Just make sure you let us know in advance of any dietary restrictions you may have.

Breakfast On Kilimanjaro

Our Kilimanjaro breakfast includes eggs (boiled or fried), porridge, a saveloy, some tomatoes, a piece of fruit such as a banana or orange, some bread with jam, honey or peanut butter and a mug or two of tea, hot chocolate or coffee.

Lunch On Kilimanajro

On most days – depending on the route – you will get a hot lunch – consisting of a soup, a main course and dessert with fruit. If there is no time for a hot lunch you will receive a packed lunch with chicken-pieces, boiled egg, sandwiches, a soft-drink, a piece of cake or a muffin and some sweets.

Snacks On Kilimanjaro

After each daily-tour you will be offered afternoon tea with some snacks such as biscuits, popcorn, nuts or crisps served to tide you over until your evening meal.

Dinner On Kilimanjaro

The final and biggest meal of the day, dinner will start with a soup, followed by a main course including chicken or meat, a vegetable sauce, some cabbage, and rice, chips or pasta. 

Drinking Water On Kilimanjaro

What do you drink on the mountain?

During your climb all drinking water is collected by our porters from streams that are fed from glaciers high on Kilimanjaro. Before being served all the water is boiled then placed through a sieve to remove any large particles. We provide you with 4 liters of boiled water per day for drinking only. 


Due to environmental reasons we will not carry any purchased bottled water. If you wish to treat the water further we ask that you bring any additional treatment products with you as these will not be supplied by the KCC.