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Kilimanjaro and the Coronavirus – Covid-19

The outbreak of the coronavirus COVID-19 has caused uncertainty amongst the public. Many tourists are unsure about travelling in general.

To ensure the safety of our clients and team in Tanzania, we follow the situation and current developments closely. To date, no case of coronavirus has so far been detected in Tanzania. Health authorities remain on high alert owing to the rapid spread of the virus.

What measures have been put in place?

Thermal scanners have been installed at all major airports, borders and ports and medical experts have been trained to handle the screening process to reduce the risk of transmission from persons jetting in who might be infected. The government have also provided training to 2,297 health practitioners so far on how to deal with infectious diseases and disaster management, including how they should provide medical services, as well as taking samples and testing infectious diseases. Anyone showing symptoms of coronavirus will be isolated at the airport and may subsequently be placed in quarantine at a government hospital.

Will our trip be cancelled?

At the moment there are no travel restrictions to Tanzania. Any decisions we make regarding our trips will be made based on the advice from the UK Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO), who would advise against travel to or impose restrictions on countries (or areas within countries) that are deemed to be unsafe.

Trips will run as planned unless for the 2 following reasons.

  1. The FCO or any other governing body in your home country advises against all but essential travel to Tanzania and the Foreign Office in the guest’s home country subsequently issues a travel warning.
  2. Unavoidable and exceptional circumstances that occur due to the coronavirus in the regions we visit in Tanzania, significantly compromise the running of the trip or the transportation of persons.

Should one of the two above mentioned cases occur, guests may postpone their confirmed booking free of charge.

What if I choose not to travel?

Unless a travel restriction is put in place, we will run our trips as planned. If you choose not to travel, you have the option to move your booking to a future date and we will carry over the money you have paid, less the booking deposit and any costs that we have incurred and cannot recover, such as cancellation costs from hotels and local airlines, or permit fees.

If you do not wish to reschedule your trip, then our standard cancellation charges will apply. Please do not hesitate contact us to discuss your specific booking further if, for any reason, you are concerned about travelling.

Asante Sana from the KCC Team