Kilimanjaro Headgear

Protect your head and face from the elements

Protecting your head and face from the elements as you climb Kilimanjaro is vital. You could face cold, wind, rain and possibly snow – not to mention the sun during the hot and high solar radiation days. You will also need to wear a headlamp for the push on summit night.

The 6 Essentials for Kilimanjaro Headgear


You will need a good hat for the climb to protect your face from sun burn and keep your head cool. We recommend using hats that have an adjustable neck cover and are made from a material that breaths well. 


A headlamp is the best torch for night hiking as you can have your hands free at all times and is essential on summit night .

The key things to look for in a good headlamp are:

  • Light/brightness quality
  • Battery life
  • Weight

A thermal beanie or head band is a must for summit night to keep your head and ears warm. Make sure the beanie fits snug and is suitable for snowy conditions. Look for an outdoor, lined and fleeced beanie or headband.


With sunglasses, there are two considerations you need to take into account. First is the UV intensity, which at just under 6,000m is very high and can be very damaging to your eyes if you don’t have adequate sunglasses. The second factor is the snow cover, which acts to reflect and intensify visible light. 


We recommend taking either a hiking balaclava or neck band to protect your neck and face from the elements, or cover your mouth and nose from dust. Make sure to get something that is lightweight, absorbent, breathable and quick-drying.


Trekking to high altitude where the sun intensity is high requires a sunscreen with a high SPF (30+) and sweat resistant. Make sure to bring sun protection lip cream as well.